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[其他] 玩转世界,你和她就差了西班牙语!

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Written by
Mercedes Thomas Díaz-Pallares

"I speak fluent Spanish, English and conversational Chinese Mandarin. I'm a naturally adaptable traveler: I was born in Ecuador, grew up in Spain and traveled and lived in Asia for 8 years, Germany and now Egypt.I hold a BA on International Journalism and an MA on Magazine Journalism."

◆  ◆  ◆  ◆  ◆  

I can't stress enough the importance of learning languages, as well as all the benefits it brings. It helps widen your mind, meet hundreds of people from all over the world and all the different cultures.

01| 机遇 Oppotunities

Moreover, it also opens the doors to international job opportunities. For a native Chinese speaker it is the perfect boost for their career: if you already speak the top language in the world (Chinese) and you learn the second at school or university (English), you only got one more left to cover the three main languages.


Spanish is the third top spoken language in the world after Chinese Mandarin and English. It is spoken in Spain of course and across whole South America. It is also the second language taught in the US and Europe, most demanded after English in Asian countries such as China! As a native speaker of Spanish, I can say that being fluent in this language has provided me with a more successful career so far as well as helping me stand out from the crowd in many circumstances, especially during job interviews.

02| 文化 Culture

The ability to be multilingual enables you to absorb more information and knowledge twice as fast and more efficiently in your daily life. Furthermore, you can travel to any Spanish speaking countries by yourself and get immersed in the culture as if you were a local. Experience the country as if you lived there and even be able to start a new life there if you work for it. While I lived in China, I got to meet other Spanish speakers and today I keep in touch with them through social media and occasionally meet up with them in different parts of the world each time!

03| 事业 Career

If you are into business and you see your future in the trading, speaking Spanish will work out on your benefit as Latin American countries are a major partners. On the other hand, if you aspire to work in the education field, you could perfectly become a Spanish teacher.

04| 能力 Abilities

Also, while I was living in China, I had the opportunity to work as a part-time Spanish teacher and sometimes exchange language classes, where I would teach Spanish to a Chinese acquaintance and they would teach me Mandarin in exchange.

◆  ◆  ◆  ◆  ◆  


To sum up, learning Spanish is an extremely useful opportunity for your professional and personal life. Languages enrichen your life and especially Spanish, will empower your confidence and motivation to keep on outgrowing yourself and keep on gaining more and more skills.

>> 西语课程 Spanish Courses <<


The Spanish Chamber (South division) has already begun Spanish course for A1 levelsince July 24. After the course, you will master basic Spanish listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and be able to have basic conversation in Spanish. If you are interested in this, you can still join us!

课程基本信息 Basic Info of the Course
上课时间:周一到周五 9:00-11:00
Time: Monday-Friday 9:00-11:00

Date: 07.24-08.18 (40 hours in total)

Location: Room 1305, 13th Floor, Main Tower, Guangdong International Building, No. 339 Huanshi Road East, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, P. R. China

Numbers: 4-6 people

Teacher: native speaker from Spain
课程价格:¥2,500 (已包含教材费)
Price: ¥2,500 (books included)

Course of A2 and higher levels will begin later this summer. The Chamber will also provide you with opportunities to exchange ideas with Spanish native speakers and those who are interested in cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. We welcome learners of different ages, hoping that in such a diverse environment, you can make greater progress!


For more information of our courses, please directly contact us at prsouth@spanishchamber-ch.com or call 020-38927531 ext. 19. You can also leave us a message here in WeChat.


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